The Ultimate Christmas Snack Board


I came across these insane ‘Christmas Cheeseboards’ on Pinterest last year and being the greedy guts that I am, have been dying to give it a go myself ever since. Boxing day buffet’s with delicious leftovers, a tonne of cheese, dips and cold cuts beats Christmas Day dinner in my book. Everyone in my family loves to graze over a few hours whilst playing competitive family board games or watching Christmas special’s on TV. I love the idea of loading up a huge tray with lovely fresh veggies, crunchy breads, and favourite cheeses, so that everyone can just dig in and help themselves, as many times as they like, without having to go in and out of the kitchen.

It looks really pretty, it feeds a crowd and there’s little to no cooking involved (not to mention, very little cleaning up)… win win right?

Christmas Snack Board


Like I did in my practice run, you could buy everything in and keep it really simple. Or if you have time, you could add in some homemade elements and make them in advance. There’s no denying, it is really easy, but it takes some level of thought and preparation to make all the elements together look great and taste even better. Let’s break it down a bit.



Half my family is vegetarian so we kept the meat to a minimum this time. A good quality salami and a pack of Serrano or Parma ham are bound to go down well.

Leftover turkey? We love this Nigel Slater Perky Turkey recipe. It takes about 30 minutes to make and I guarantee it will go down a storm.


My favourite cheese is aged Comté from the Jura region in eastern France. If you haven’t come across it before, it’s a firm, creamy, nutty cheese and is incredibly versatile. It’s full of flavour and absolutely delicious grated into an omelette, served in chunks with figs and wine, sliced thinly in a sandwich… my mouth is watering at the thought. Most supermarkets stock Comté now so you should be able to get hold of it.

Other recommendations would be a ripe brie, smoked cheddar and something very simple like mini buffalo mozzarella balls (perfect for kiddos).


Fruit + Veg

Red grapes go with most cheeses and are delicious on their own anyway. Tasty cherry tomatoes, crunchy radishes sliced in half and slices of fresh green apple make good humus dipping receptacles.

You can’t have a cheeseboard without salty green olives, and we went for Cornichons for a pickley flavour, but Caper Berries would be delicious too.

Other recommendations would be sun-blush tomatoes and artichoke hearts in olive oil.


Your favourite red onion chutney because who doesn’t like sweet red onion chutney with cheese?

The best runny honey you can find for drizzling over some Comté on a cracker. Mmmmm.

Your favourite shop-bought hummus can be pepped up with some toasted pine nuts and a drizzle of chilli oil.



Flatbreads cut into long nacho shapes, black olive breadsticks and salted mini pretzels are bound to go down well.

We had a pile of cream crackers, water crackers and those Hovis ones (that are really just digestive biscuits), that are always the first to be eaten in a cracker selection box. All make excellent cheese receptacles.


Super simple and a crowd pleaser. All you need now is a tray big enough to fit it all on…


Christmas Cheeseboard

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