Mindful Massage

I’ve had a wonderfully zen start to my day. I was invited along to The Spa at The Midland to experience their new Mindful Massage treatment.

I love to meditate (well…I love to try), and I’m up for anything that helps to restore the equilibrium every once in a while. I think it’s so important to take yourself away from your everyday life, away from your responsibilities, and sometimes even away from your people, to just re-centre yourself and get back to you. Whether that be a yoga class, a walk, a solo lunch, maybe you meditate regularly, or perhaps like me, you like to indulge in some pampering.

I think it’s really clever that The Spa At The Midland have combined meditation with a restorative full body massage, designed to re-balance energies, and leave you glowing with positivity.

We started out with delicious green smoothie shots and coffees, before getting comfortable for the guided meditation session. I think all massage treatments should begin with a mindfulness moment, to help you leave your mental baggage at the door. Many times I’ve not managed to really switch off before a treatment. Before you know it, the treatment is finished and you realise you’ve been mentally replying to your unanswered emails the whole time.

The guided meditation in the relaxation room talks you through some visualisations, helping you tune into your breath, and body scanning. It really helped me to clear my head and focus on the present moment – not something I manage very often.

You’re then led through to your treatment room and after selecting your oils, you’re guided through more visualisations whilst the therapist begins with the metamorphic zones of the feet. I loved this part, as the therapist asked me to visualise that I was breathing in my chosen colour (I chose cream), filling my body with it, before breathing it out again. I’m going to try this next time I struggle to sleep, as it was instantly calming.

The massage itself is light to medium pressure, with more stoking movements rather than pummelling, to aid lymphatic drainage and relaxation.ย The therapist works up the body and the treatment ends with a scalp massage, using warm rose quartz crystals.

You leave, feeling like a molten pool of butter.

I had a little snooze in the relaxation room, followed by a sauna, and then sadly it was time to get back to reality.


What a treat it was to have a couple of hours to focus completely on relaxing my body and mind. As you can tell from the distinct lack of photos in this blog post, I let myself relax and fully enjoy the treatment (and didn’t worry about gathering much photographic evidence…). It’s the perfect treat for any anxious mums, or maybe stressed out bride’s to be.

If you live up North and are ever in the market for a spa day, The Spa At The Midland is worth checking out.ย  I’ve been a couple of times now, for birthday treats, and it’s perfect for blissing out after a morning of shopping and lunch at Mr Coopers upstairs (also worth visit). The treatments and products are so spoiling and luxurious, and the rooms pristine and pretty.


Book your Mindful Massage here.

Thanks very much to The Spa At The Midland for putting on such a relaxing event and for my complimentary treatment.