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Here’s my rundown of everything keeping me going this January.

Products To Swear By

Gabriella Manchester January Favourites

Mostly Christmas gifts, I’m using and loving Aesop’s Face Cleanser every morning to wake me up. It smells heavenly of bergamot and chamomile, so quite masculine which I always like. I’ve been following that with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser on an evening. Pretty much as soon as I get in from work I scrub my face clean and slather on this moisturiser to combat central heating induced parched skin. In the shower, I’ve been alternating between Korres Santorini Vine body cleanser, and Kiehl’s. When I remember (and can be bothered), I’ve been using Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk in an attempt to de-scale. It smells like a Greek holiday, and that is exactly what I need right now.

Nights on the sofa

Spiced Plum Rekorderlig Cider

I’m not going ‘dry’ this January, its tough enough as it is. Instead, i’m focussed on saving money, which inevitably means turning down afterwork dinners, nights out and spontaneous Zara hauls. Fortunately though, I’ve got a stash of my favourite Spiced Plum Rekorderlig Cider to enjoy on my sofa instead, turning FOMO into JOMO. It’s nicely sweet, lightly spiced and tastes delicious on a winter’s day.

Adding to the Hygge in my life, I’ve been loving H&M for knitwear lately. To see me through the Christmas period, I bought this gorgeous camel cardigan (after swearing off cardigans circa 2006) which I love and think is quite Filippa K. I also bought this pale grey knitted hooded jumper, which I’ve been wearing under my tailored coats with leather trousers and boots. It’s so soft and comfortable, and paired with something tailored and immaculate, I think it becomes safe for work.

Home Office Setup

Home Office Gabriella Manchester

Taking on extra work this year means I’m spending at least 10 hours a week at this desk. I’m not a fan of clutter at a workspace, so like to keep my desk clear. I’ve recently cleared out every drawer, basket and box of old bank statements, bills and dead pens and this room now feels so much more peaceful, with a proper stationary drawer and working printer setup. I’ve finally run out of ways to productively procrastinate, and it feels great to spend an evening writing away with a bottle of Rekorderlig Spiced Plum Cider.

Home Office Gabriella Manchester

Holiday Planning

travel blog

This gloomy weather has finally got to me, and I’ve gone on a holiday booking rampage. I’ll be writing my annual Travel Wishlist post this week and will share where we’re heading in that, but I will say that I’ve made a promise to only go to places I’ve not been before for the next few years. I find myself pining to go back to my favourite places such as Sao Rafael in the Algarve, and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve opted to go back to Paris in recent years. I don’t mean this to come across in a spoilt way, but I think it’s time I saved my money and spread my wings a little further in the travel sense.

Getting Lean with Joe Wicks

Marc and I both have the goalĀ to make healthy and fitness a priority this year. I got into some bad habits last year, and put on half a stone. So although i’m not focussing on what the scales tell me, I am trying to make healthier choices and get down to the gym three times a week. Since it is quite literally a two minute walk away from my building, plus my working hours have changed, meaning I’m finishing earlier while its still daylight, so really I’ve run out of excuses.

We’ve used these meal planning boards from Paperchase since we moved in together three years ago and find them so useful for keeping us on track with a healthy diet. I bought Lean In 15 by Joe Wicks for Marc for Christmas and it’s great for quick midweek meals. The ingredients are simple, the recipes are super easy and there’s loads of really tasty, low carb meals which is perfect for us.

What have you been relying on this month?

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Thanks to Rekorderlig for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions are my own.


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