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I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Deliveroo. I was asked to order from them two meals a day for a week and to keep a food diary. The greedy guts that I am, I was born for this ‘challenge’, and enthusiastically accepted.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Deliveroo is a delivery service that allows you to order from your favourite restaurants (even those that don’t normally offer a takeaway service), and they get your food to your door/desk, in double quick time. You simply enter your postcode to see which restaurants are available to order from at that time.

Deliveroo is now available in most major cities all over the world, and I was surprised to find its even available in Huddersfield (my home town in West Yorkshire). The options are endless in Manchester city centre where I live and work, but I decided to try to keep a sane head and stick to my normal rule of eating relatively healthily during the week. Read on to see how I got on…


Deliveroo Review

Siam Smiles Thai

I absolutely love the food from here, and would say it’s the best and most authentic Thai food available in the city. We last went to this restaurant around six months ago. It’s actually a Thai supermarket in China Town, and you sit amongst the isles of thai produce. It’s really cool and you feel as though you’re in Bangkok. The food is so fresh and authentic tasting and its great to enjoy it in the comfort of our own home. I highly recommend the Som Tam salad which is spiralised green papaya, with shrimps, cherry tomatoes, crushed peanuts and a super spicy lime and fish sauce dressing with birds eye chillies. You can get this salad at any Thai restaurant and its my personal hangover cure.


I had a really busy day of meetings so I ordered a huge salad box with shredded chicken, avocado, sweet potato and feta cheese to the office for lunch from Chop’d. Fresh, zingy and filling, it was just what the doctor ordered and kept me full up all afternoon.

Steak Night Date Night from Gaucho.

As we’d planned to have our date night, we ordered up a feast of ribeye steaks, fries, heritage tomato salad, chilli and feta green beans, blue cheese sauce and Bernaise sauce, and a bottle of Merlot. This was a real treat and after a busy day at work, it was so nice to not have to cook or wash up anything. Afterwards we watched Love Actually on the sofa with a box of Lindt chocolates.


Lunch was a selection of salmon and prawn sushi, edamame beans, and steamed gyoza from Itsu.

For dinner, Marc and I had a Vietnamese feast delivered from Pho. Fresh, hot and steaming broths with glass noodles, herbs, shredded meats, chillies and lots of crunchy veggies, and some fragrant sticky jasmine rice with peanut sauce. We also ordered some delicious and extra crunchy spring rolls which are to be eaten with fresh mint leaves, and pillowy prawn crackers to dip in Siracha.


I treated my team to Pizza Express for lunch. We ordered pepperoni pizzas, an artichoke, spinach, mushroom and pine nut pizza, and chicken and pesto pasta with rocket.

My friend came round for dinner and we ordered chicken Katsu curries from Wagamama. They were delicious as always and we were too busy chatting I forgot to take a picture of the food.


I ordered a vegetarian and meat meze from Bakchich to the office and everyone tucked in. We had chicken and lamb shawarma,  Baba Ganoush, Hummous, the best falafel in town, pickled vegetables, flatbreads and chicken pastries. It was all absolutely delicious. I love middle eastern food like this, especially sharing it with a crowd.

As a Friday night treat, we ordered Byron Burgers. They really were delicious and great quality ingredients. Normally a burger piled up like this would disintegrate when its picked up, but these babies stayed strong. A sign of a good bun I’d say. Fries and courgette fries may have been overkill though.


I invited my family over for an italian feast from Carluccio’s. I had the Saltimbocca Pollo which was incredibly tasty. A chicken fillet wrapped in sage leaves and parma ham, pan fried in marsala wine and mushrooms, with rosemary and garlic potatoes and tender stem broccoli on the side.

We had MilkJam Brownies & Ice Cream for dessert. Peanut butter, Oreo, Triple Chocolate, and Salted Caramel brownies, and vanilla bean ice cream. Hella good.


For the final meal of the week, we had Indian Street Food from Scene. This was a real treat to end the week on, and it was the best curry I’ve had in such a long time. Not pictured, is the Chicken Makhani which was honestly so incredibly rich and buttery, I’m sure it must be 90% cream, but it tastes out of this world. Everything else we ordered was quite fresh and balanced out the richness. We thoroughly enjoyed this meal and will certainly be ordering all of our Indian food from Scene on Deliveroo now.

All in all, we had a fantastic week of Deliveroo. The friendly delivery staff were always on-time or called if they were running even a few minutes late. Everything that was supposed to be hot, arrived hot, and we were seriously impressed with how quickly and well packaged everything came.

Huge thanks to Deliveroo for working with me and sponsoring this post. You made a greedy girl very happy!

Ph. my own.



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