2016 Goals

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2016, as an even-numbered year, I’m hoping you’re going to be kind to me.

After re-reading those resolutions I made last year and realising they pretty much all still stand (I’ve only managed to stick to a couple of them), I’ve decided to note down a few ways I plan to embrace the new year. Ranging from small and insignificant, to more meaningful ones, here’s what I’m aiming for in 2016…

Eat well…most of the time

I’m definitely guilty of going through phases of 6am workouts and checking the calorie content of absolutely everything one week only to binge on cupcakes and takeaways the next. This year, I plan to make a sustainable and realistic habit of exercising three times a week, and eating healthy 80% of the time (by this I mean filling up on fish and veg during the week, and relaxing a little on the weekend). I’m eager to give this squash spaghetti with pancetta and sage a go, and these baked sweet potatoes loaded with feta, parsley, chickpeas and Harissa look delicious.

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Nights in

Draw the curtains and bed down because there’s still three months of dark evenings to go. This has got to be the worst thing about these months post-Christmas. I don’t think I’m alone in wishing for winter to be over now, but as depressing as it is for us sun worshipers, the silver lining is that we’ve got many a cosy night in ahead.

A few things currently on Netflix which I’d recommend…

Narcos (watched it all in a fortnight- it’s brilliant)

Orange is the new Black (Season 1 is best, I got a bit bored half way through season 2)

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

The Bridge – Dark Scandinavian crime drama

Cowspiracy – an eye-opening documentary on the real causes of global warming. Well worth a watch, even if you think it sounds boring- it’s not.

Making a Murderer – Gripping, you’ll binge-watch it.

Any recommendations for me? Let me know what you’ve been loving on Netflix or elsewhere.

Pretty much anyone I’ve had a conversation with for more than ten minutes in the past couple of months will know that I’m really into the podcast Serial and it’s spin-off, Undisclosed. It’s the real-life story of 17 year old Hae Min Lee, who was murdered in 1999 in Baltimore. Her ex-boyfriend, 17 year old Adnan Syed was convicted of her murder, but maintains his innocence to this day. Journalist, Sarah Koenig un-picks the case against him in a way that has me and millions of listeners world-wide, gripped. The follow-on podcast, Undisclosed is all the more riveting as legal eagles go even further to pull apart the case against Syed. What’s most compelling about this, is that it’s a live case which has been re-opened. Someone who knows the truth about what happened, is probably listening to the podcast and hearing them get closer and closer to discovering what really happened.

I listen to it on my walk to and from work and I’ve convinced around 15 other people to listen to it so far. They’re all just as hooked as I am.


I love to organise and the feeling of having everything in it’s place. Unfortunately though I’m quite untidy so often spend precious weekend hours clearing out everything I’ve hoarded and left in piles. One of my new goals is to tackle the little unorganised pockets around our apartment, a little at a time during the week so that I can reclaim my weekends. For example tackling one drawer/shelf/cupboard a night.

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Getting the blood pumping

I’m booked in for a bespoke Reformer Pilates session this weekend which I’m excited about as I’ve never really tried pilates before. Bikram Yoga is more my thing, as I find the hardest part is actually mustering the energy to go to class, but once its started, there’s no way you can leave, and even if you’re only giving it 60%, your body is working hard for 90 minutes. I like that I leave drenched in my own sweat, no matter what, but I also like to be competitive against myself, so push to better my form every class. Having said all of this, I’ve not been to Bikram for a couple of months now as I have been working out with a personal trainer which I posted all about here.

Now this I would highly recommend if you struggle with self discipline. Paying someone to shout at you will do wondrous things to your body. For me, this year my goal is to keep up the momentum with my fitness and always be regularly going to a class or working out with my trainer. I like to vary what I do so that I don’t get bored, so keeping up with thrice weekly workouts is a big goal for me.

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Being home more over winter has me constantly in the middle of reorganising and de-cluttering something. I’ve been pinning homeware and interiors like mad and bookmarking cushions and handmade ceramic plates for payday. We’ve even gone and bought all new bedding and sheets in the January sales. We’re really happy in our apartment and don’t see a move happening anytime soon so we’ve decided to make this place our own (even more so) this year and buy the extra bits of furniture that we’ve previously held off on. I’m working on a gallery wall and we’re planning to have some shelves and a bookcase built this year.

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Daily struggle

It’s a daily struggle, figuring out what to wear in thick of winter. So I’ll continue to add to my very own uniform of draping shirts, well fitting jeans, and ‘will last forever’ jumpers.

My office has a smart casual dress code so for me that means shirt dresses that are structured enough to be worn with or without black tights, and throw on jumper dresses, with boots and structured flats.

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Booking getaways is currently top of my to do list. Our calendar is looking pretty sparse for 2016 so I’m doing lots of research for summer holidays but I’m also wanting to plan a big trip for November/December time, and tick somewhere big off my travel bucket list. Possibly Australia or New Zealand as we’ve a few friends we can stay with over there. Plus my big brother will be over there travelling.

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2016 is definitely my year for making big plans, what are you aiming for this year?

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