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So this series of bi-weekly blog posts I announced a few months back never really happened did it? Oops, must try harder. I’m kicking it off again with a little life update and a load of recommendations for you. 

Podcasts I’ve been enjoying

First off, Emma Gannon’s podcast Ctrl Alt Delete, particularly the episode from 3rd March with Dawn O’Porter on not following the herd. I love Dawn and find her Instagram stories hysterical. This episode really resonated with me because Dawn is such a go-getter and marches to the beat of her own drum. I love that she’s so open about her hesitancy to have children, and then one day she just woke up with this feeling of needing to have a baby. So funny how many women experience that.

I highly recommend Jessie Ware’s podcast Table Manners, which she co-hosts with her mum whilst having a home cooked dinner with her guests. I particularly loved the episode with Stacey Dooley which is the series finale. Stacey is so warm, open and a chronic over-sharer (same). She tells the lollsy story of how she once had to shit in a cool-box, whilst travelling in a van with loads of people in India.

The Adam Buxton Podcast, particularly the episode with Aisling Bea who is a brilliant stand-up comedian. She talks about the value and importance of having those difficult conversations and confronting issues head on, which really resonated with me.


Articles I’ve enjoyed

There are some gems in this article with the best advice from therapists. I also took a lot from this article on how to break your comparison habit, according to a therapist on Man Repeller.

As a reformed flaker, this article on Why I Don’t Like Cancelled Plans articulated my thoughts so well on friends who cancel plans. When a friend cancels on you last minute, it says that they don’t value your time and they don’t see your friendship as a priority, and to be on the receiving end of that feels like shit, frankly. I think it’s really important not to be a martyr about it, because we’re all busy and sometimes a change of plan can’t be helped. But I also think it’s important that frequent flakers are aware of how their behaviour makes people feel, because it’s obviously not intentional, just thoughtless-ness. Make a plan with me and I’ll show up for you, regardless of how I’m feeling on the day. I learnt from my flaker days that you’ve got to show up, and keep commitments, otherwise the connection you once had can wilt away and before you know it you’ve lost touch.

I’ve also contributed an article on our time in beautiful Bergamo, Italy, on Book Culinary Vacations. Fellow foodies may want to check out their site.

I’m trying to keep up my yoga practice and have been doing this Yoga for Anxiety episode of Yoga with Adriene on repeat.



Let’s Catch Up

Life lately has been a bit of a blur. So much has been going on. We’ve been planning our big trip at the end of the year, planning our California road trip next month, work has been ridiculously busy, and I started a YouTube channel.

I’ve set it up mainly to document our trips because I love to watch YouTube videos for travel inspiration, and nothing captures the vibes of a place better than on film. Since I’m not always travelling, I’ll also be doing some life and style videos. So far I’ve done a couple of high street hauls, my morning routine, our trip to Cape Town, my first vlog and 25 facts about me. I’ve got loads of ideas for more videos, including a massive wedding guest outfits one, productivity tips, and setting my self a low waste kitchen challenge. I’m really enjoying making them and would love you to check out my channel if you haven’t already, and please do subscribe if you like what you see. My goal is to hit 1000 subscribers by the end of May, so I would absolutely love your support.

Moving on to the subject of travel, I need your help. I’m pulling my hair out trying to plan a 4 month trip around South East Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia), the east coast of Australia, as much of New Zealand as we can fit in in three weeks(!), and a little corner of South America (Buenos Airies, Uruguay, Sao Paolo, Rio, up the coast of Brazil to Salvador). I’ve never been to any of these places before and haven’t ever done a backpacking style extended trip. In all honesty I’m overwhelmed with planning it, and bricking it. If you have experience of this type of trip, I would massively appreciate any help with the following:

– Advice and recommendations for our itinerary and route

– If you can recommend any tour companies, particular hostels/airbnb’s/affordable hotels

– If you know of a brilliant volunteering programme working with children or animals in northern Thailand or Laos (looking to go for 1-2 weeks over Christmas)

– If you have any ideas on how we can see the highlights of the east coast of Australia in three weeks, without needing to remortgage (and ideally without doing overnight buses as I get hella travel sick)

– Also, do I absolutely need to take a big backpack? Or will I be ok with a medium sized, 4 wheel case, and a normal sized, regular backpack? I’ll be working one day a week whilst we’re away, and will be blogging so will have a fair bit of tech gear. We’re also planning on using Airbnb most of the time, as opposed to hostels, so we’re not fully invested in the ‘backpacking’ thing.


This weekend I’m in London catching up with family and friends. As this post goes live I’ll be cheering on Marc’s sister as she’s running the London Marathon! I’m so excited to soak up the atmosphere as nothing beats it. My latest video will have just gone live also, so head on over to my YouTube channel to check that out.

So that’s my little catch up. What have you been up to? If you have any podcast recommendations for me leave me a comment below.

yellow denim jacket


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