Lemon Polenta Cake

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My first foray into YouTubing *GULP. View Full Post


I’ve just got back from an incredible trip in Cape Town. I’ve got loads of photos and even a travel video to share with you (my first foray into YouTube eek). For now though, I’m starting with one of the highlights from our 11 day trip, which was the incredibly beautiful town of Franshhoek in the winelands. View Full Post

Sunday Edit

I’ve been thinking for a while now about doing a Sunday blog post series where I can collate all of my recommendations and links to interesting articles I’ve read, podcast episodes I’ve loved, books I’m enjoying, recipes I’ve tried, things I’ve bought/want to buy, etc. View Full Post

films to watch 2018

films to watch 2018


In an attempt to rest my liver, I’ve banished G&T’s from my diet and instead have enjoyed binging on some utterly brilliant films of late. View Full Post