Meze Date Night

Last Friday night was date night.

My brother had been staying with us last week which was great fun but we hadn’t had any couple time so we decided to go all out and have a romantic evening in. 

I had been working and he had an important meeting this week so we were more than ready to let our hair down.

Thursday evening, I did as much prep as I could before our friends arrived. That included picking up fresh herbs and blackening the aubergines. 

The fresh mint and parsley made the entire apartment smell like summer.

Both of us love middle eastern food and so decided to recreate some of our favourite dishes. 

We made Baba Ganoush…


And Hummus

We kept on going for more helpings of the dishes and mopped up the sauces with toasted wholemeal pittas. 

All three dishes were delicious and straight forward to make. It was refreshing to enjoy such a fresh tasting meal with no meat or fish. 

The recipes I used were for big batches so I have a large tub of hummus in my fridge. Leftovers made an awesome Saturday lunch.

I plan on portioning the leftover hummus and adding different flavours to each. I’m thinking blended up roasted red peppers. 

After gorging ourselves on copious portions of Meze and wine, we somehow dragged our almost food induced comatose bodies to the sofa. An hour or so later I started feeling a bit peckish and slightly naughty so I snook off to the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later I emerged with two absolutely hideous dishes of this…

Whipped cream, crunched up (but not too much) chewy shop bought meringue nests, and summer berries. A version of Eton Mess.

We had way too much of this and I fell asleep on the sofa almost immediately after. Our idea of a romantic night in may not be the same as other peoples, but boy was it a great night!


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