Home Sweet Home, Manchester

Everyone in the vicinity of Manchester should go to Home Sweet Home at least twice. 

Once to enjoy the American diner style prim interiors, and of course sample the delights of the menu. And a second time so you can be like “Yep. I wasn’t dreaming. Those fish taco’s really are damn good.”

It was a fairly warm, sunny afternoon so we were obliged to catch as many rays as possible. We headed out in search of well positioned (for ray catching) table at one of the many cafes serving great coffee in the Northern Quarter.

SPOTTED! Outside Teacup on Thomas Street. I may or may not have leapt in front of a cyclist to secure it. 

First priority after my near miss was to re-hydrate. A blueberry, pomegranate, banana and yogurt smoothie. Very refreshing, very nice and very blue. A large Americano for my normal sized Englishman. 

Teacup is well known for selling the most amazing range of cakes. Just have a look at the menu. I love taking my mum there for tea and a slice of cake as you don’t get dainty little portions, you get big whopping slices that are impossible to tackle alone. Real two-man jobs. 

We had not long since had a large salad for lunch and had all intentions of being well behaved for the rest of the day so unfortunately we didn’t indulge in a treat.

We decided to have a wander around the Manchester Crafts and Design Centre. It’s based in the heart of the Northern Quarter and is home to some wonderful artists. It’s great for picking up unique little handmade gifts and jewellery. 

Whilst we were wandering round we got some disappointing news and so the ‘let’s be good all day’ plan took a U-turn and became the ‘f*** it I need cake’ plan. We marched straight to Home Sweet Home and demanded two large cappuccinos and a large slice of chocolate cake with pumpkin doughnuts and sweets smattered on top. Sounds peculiar. Tastes like heaven. 

At that point in time I had a one track mind and forgot to whip my camera out. 

Feeling a lot better for a fast fix of caffeine and sugar, we sat in the sunshine and discussed the news we’d just received. An hour or so later, we got a bit twitchy. We felt a little… peckish. I took a peek at the menu and had to bite my wrist to stop myself from salivating.


I nipped to the ladies and when I got back, he had made the executive decision and ordered. THAT is why I love him (one of the reasons).

A basket of crispy, buttermilk chicken with seasoned fries. Deliciously succulent fish taco’s and sweet potato fries with BBQ dip. They caused me to make this face…

If you want to have a face like that ^^^ those fish taco’s are not to be missed.

Why you do this to me Home Sweet Home?


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