First Night

The first night you sleep in a new home always feels strange doesn’t it?

Getting ready for bed feels like you’re in a hotel and come morning, in your semi-conscious state there’s always that moment of panic where you think you must have woken up in someone else’s life. This is made worse if you’ve not yet managed to put up any curtains. 

We were grateful to have been given the keys 2 weeks before moving day. We made it our mission to have the master bedroom, closet and kitchen all set up before we moved. Not finished, just nicely livable. 

So we started a shared Pinterest board to find a mutual ground of what we liked, and set about making it our perfect apartment.

We’re by no means there yet but we love it so far. 

We had to hire a transit van to bring my big old sleigh bed over from my parents house. It was hard work but I just love it against the white and the brick wall so it was well worth the effort I think.

One of our eBay gems. This chair is from the 50’s and it is SO so comfortable. We bought them as a pair and have the other one in the hallway to perch on whilst putting on shoes. Eventually we want to have them both in the hallway and get a big old beaten-up brown leather club chair for in here. Or a vintage melon velvet armchair. Can’t decide.

We still need a pendant light shade for in the closet. I’m thinking of something a little more decadent like a chandelier- but nothing WAGish. I’ve found an amazing huge Parisian leaning mirror to go against the opposite wall to the rail so hopefully will get that in soon.

I adore how this chair looks against the brick and the big window. In the morning it is the perfect spot to have a cup of coffee as the sun peaks over the mill and shines right into our bedroom.


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