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I’m open to working with brands in a variety of ways, as long as it’s a good fit for me and my readers. To discover past collaborations, advertising and project enquiries, or to request a media pack, please feel free to get in touch. See my ‘Work with me‘ page for more information. For all enquiries related to blogger advertising, campaigns you’re working on, sponsored content or just general chit chat, please email me at gabriellamanchester (at) gmail (dot) com

For all enquiries related to my digital marketing consultancy services, please email gaby (at) engineone (dot) co (dot) uk.


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Instagram – @GabriellaManchester

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Twitter – @Gabriella_MCR



Gifting – I receive gifted products from time to time, some of which I feature on my blog, Instagram or in YouTube videos. I will always specify whether something was gifted to me or not and will only promote products that I would have been happy to spend my own money on.

Sponsored Posts – I will always declare when my content is part of a paid collaboration, with a clear disclaimer at the bottom of the blog post, in the title of a YouTube video and clearly within my Instagram posts.

Affiliate Linking – I sometimes use affiliate links within my blog which means I make a (very) small commission when somebody clicks through and goes on to buy something from that site within the cookie period.