Gabriella Manchester is a Manchester Fashion Blog with a bit of travel, food and lifestyle content thrown in for good measure.

I created this blog as a way of documenting my personal style, as well as sharing what has inspired what I’m shopping for and wearing day-today. I get my sartorial inspo from many wide and varied fashion blogs, as well as regular Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest deep dives (follow me on Instagram here).

Manchester Fashion Blog

As this is a Manchester Fashion Blog, you can expect to find Manchester street style posts and inspiration here. I tend to shoot a lot of my fashion blog post images out and about in my neighbourhood of Ancoats, and the Northern Quarter.

Personal Style Blog

I would describe my personal style as a little scruffy. I have a borderline obsession with denim, and I can usually be found wearing some tailored pieces (to counteract the scruffiness), and good quality basics. I don’t tend to follow ‘trends’ religiously, instead choosing one or two each season that appeal to me, whilst still staying true to my own style.

Jet Set Ready


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Cheap Frills

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Finding the Perfect Fit

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Creative Block

As I write this, I’m counting two and a half weeks since I last posted. For the first time since starting my blog two years ago, I’ve been struck by a heavy bout of writer’s block.

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Dress Down Days

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