A Weekend In Photos

Friday night dinner.

Saturday, exhausted after a shopping trip.

Couldn’t resist refuelling with a cheeky slice of fresh, wholemeal sourdough from Trove Bakery before I got ready for the evening. 

Once refreshed, I headed out to the British Street Food Awards at the Old Granada Studios. 

Not wanting to peak too early, I shared a @streatza Neapolitan pizza to begin with, which was cooked in a trailer in this…

And looked like this…

Olives, capers, deliciously salty anchovies, sun blushed tomatoes and fresh basil. It didn’t disappoint. 

We carefully planned our next move to minimise queueing time and maximise consumption time. I wouldn’t want to knock the event as the food really was great but the queueing for some places was ridiculous and off-putting. 

The one we were most interested in had the biggest queue (typical) so we gave up and headed to the only sweet joint in there. Noissette Bakes. Totally backwards, completely naughty and utterly delightful, we had Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownies…

And Raspberry Matcha Frangipane tarts served with cream…

Utterly gorgeous. 

We then returned to the main attraction once the queue had died down. I am so so so glad we did because the @fu_schnikens steamed buns were MIND BLOWING. 

Pork belly (top) and chicken. There really was so many flavours in both but my favourite was the chicken. Such soft light buns. My mouth is watering right now at the thought of them. 

Afterwards, I headed home for a quick snooze then it was time to get my glad rags on and stumble across to our neighbours for a flat warming pardy.

I somehow only managed to take one picture at the party. 

Sunday I spent a large portion of the day drinking tea, laying on the sofa and watching the whole series of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. I am hooked.



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